Germantown Trails Neighborhood Association


We are encouraging smaller scale parties among neighbors on your own street so you can get to know  each other better.  These were new in 2014 and we had 5 Block Sections host one.  If you would like to have one in your section, please contact Diane Daniel for more information.

You do not have to be a Block Captain to plan a party for your block!  You only need to invite everyone in your block section, whether they are a member of GTNA or not.  Hopefully, this will encourage those who are not members, to become a part of GTNA. 

Ideas for Block Parties? 
·        OktoberFest
·        Wine & Cheese Tasting
·        Sports Theme
·        Halloween Night in front yard
·        Patriotic Theme
·        Pot luck dinner
·        Brunch
·        Adults Night-Out party
·        Poolside Party
·        Luminaries Open House

GTNA will help fund your party:  When you decide what kind of party you would like to have, let your block captain know .  Then, let the board know and we will issue a check for $5 for each home in your section. For example if there are 20 homes in your block section, we will give you a check for $100 dollars.  This check could help with invitations & postage, paper products, or decorations, etc.  It can be used however you want to use it, but it will not cover the cost of your party, so have neighbors bring food, etc. Let us know what kind of party you had, how many attended, and maybe a picture or two to post on our website.  There is no stipulation on attendance, just that everyone is invited.  We will only fund one party for your block section this calendar year. 

We will continue to offer one large event each year for all our neighbors in GTNA to get together at our next event!