Germantown Trails Neighborhood Association

2017 Membership Form

First Name: ___________________________________

Last Name: ___________________________________

Street Address: ________________________________

Spouse or Significant other: ______________________

Email Address: ________________________________

Alternate Email­­­­­­­:  _______________________________

Phone #: _____________________________________

Cell #: _______________________________________

Are you interest in keeping the neighborhood energized and vital??  Where can you make a difference:

                                                                                Interested                      Will Help

Social – family picnic, games, parties, and events         _____                               _____

Event Setup or Cleanup                                                 _____                               _____

Block Captions                                                             _____                                _____ 

Luminaries                                                                   _____                                _____

Communications – Newsletter, art/graphics, web site   _____                                _____

Board of Directors or Committee Position                     _____                                 _____


Please mail this form and a $30 Check, payable to “Germantown Trails Neighborhood Association” to:

Jim Shanks, GTNA President
2333 Lansingwood Drive
Germantown, TN  38139

Thank You!  Together we can build a better neighborhood! 


The GTNA Membership Campaign starts in December - we have had a high of 176 paid members for over 47% participation of the 372 households in the association area.

That is the highest participation rate of any volunteer neighborhood association in Germantown.

We welcome all of the new families who have never before been members and are happy to have all of the returning or renewing members.

 The Board welcomes input on things you would like to see happen or feedback on activities as they happen – just call or e-mail any Board Member or tell your Block Captain.

GTNA Your Neighborhood Association!

Join By Mail (requires a little more work & stamp) 

Click on the link above if you would like to pay your membership via check.
On the Join by check page, you will see a form that you can fill out and send it in.
Information on the form is vital to ensure we track your payment correctly, and is also used for our Directory