Germantown Trails Neighborhood Association

House Luminary Instructions
5 pm Sunday December 10th 2017 
Everyone in the neighborhood is invited to join us celebrating this Holiday Season by lining our neighborhood streets with candle luminaries!  Help us again “light the way for Santa and his sleigh” on the second Sunday in December and transform our neighborhood with a beautiful Holiday Memory!

The GTNA has budgeted funds to provide luminaries at “no charge” to all homes in the neighborhood.

Supplies you should have received from your Block Captain:

·       Instruction sheet (you're reading it!) – Invite your kids to participate!

·       White paper bags - bundles have 3 sizes – 6 for a cove lot, 15 for the usual sized lot, and 40 for corner lots to put them 6 feet apart.

·       Votive candles - white 10 hours - same number as bags.

·       Sand will be available in garbage bags at end of Block Captain Driveways.

·       YOU PROVIDE – Only a bucket and plastic cup for sand and a long neck grill lighter.

Saturday or Sunday afternoon

Sand will be delivered in bulk on Saturday morning to Block Captain Houses throughout the neighborhood. Each Block Captain station will have at least one container (plastic bag or recycle bin) with sand near their driveway in front of their house. Take your own container (bucket), dip enough sand (about 1 cup per bag) for your luminaries, and take it back to your house.

Fold the top of each bag down about 1 inch all the way around. (Some do it twice) This forms a "collar" to help hold the bag upright. It folds easier (without tearing) if you do the folds with the bag flat first, to create the creases. Then open the bag and do the actual folding.

Sunday by 4 PM - Place the bags approximately 6 feet apart on top of your curb at the street with the long side of the bag along the curb.  Clear the curb of any leaves when placing the bags.  Coordinate with your neighbors to get consistent spacing, especially in coves.  Put approx. 1-2 inches of sand (about a cup) in the bottom of each bag.   Put a candle in the sand and push down to stabilize.

Sunday 5 PM - Light the candles. Check during the evening to be if all candles are still lit. The candles will burn approximately 6-10 hours - we recommend that you extinguish them before going to bed.

Monday morning Clean-Up - please pick up all of the bags and dispose of the sand and candles appropriately.

RAIN DELAY DECISION before 4 PM on Sunday – delay date is Next Sunday.  Check the Germantown Trails Neighborhood Website ( for decision on go or no/go - we will also email dues paying GTNA members with any delay notice – please pass on news to your neighbors.

If you need additional supplies or need help getting the candles out in time, please contact your Block Captain.